CAD Design & Manufacturing

Our Design + Cut + Build Workflow

All but the most basic crates require a sound design to be implemented properly. When a complex or detailed design is called for, we take your idea, drawing or 3D model and bring it into our 3D CAD software. We then go about building the proper protection be it foam, bracing, or lashing. Once we have the packing laid out, we design the crate, case, skid or pallet for a perfect fit, collaborating with you on our ideas and drawings throughout the process, making sure you’re happy with the design before we cut a single board or hammer a single nail. You will get a formal quote, valid for 30 days and we will hold on to your quote and drawings for years in case you decide to come back to a project later.

With design in hand, we can import the actual 3D drawing into the software for one of our CNC machines and cut each part to the exact specifications of the drawing, ensuring that your items will be cut to the exact size needed. All our crates and cases are assembled by hand by professional crate builders with decades of experience, using industry standard methods and materials.

To start the process, please give us a call, send us an email, or use our online form where you can give us all the details for your project and upload any drawings or models.

We look forward to hearing from you.


"Dealing with these crating companies is 75% of my job. Custom Crating is top-notch and will get all of our Seattle WA business from now on guaranteed. They are prompt with requests for quotes, providing invoices, and receipts. I did not have to chase them down or hound them about anything very professional. I wish more crating companies worked like them."

Erik M.