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Titan -- Racks

Racks are cases that are designed to carry rack-mountable gear. All of are racks are made to fit standard 19" wide components. Both lids are removable to allow access to the front and back of the gear.

We use a full-hole rack rail on all of out racks, this rail allows for odd spacing to increase airflow and gives you the the ability to rack mount that odd piece of gear.

If your gear is delicate, a floating rack is your best option. Floating racks contain a rack that is surrounded in foam within the shell of the case. We offer two configurations of this type of case.

Rack is surrounded in a case lined with foam. The lid is lifted off of the base of the case and the rack is removed for operation.

This configuration is recommended when the rack is used in visible locations such as, tradeshows, recording studios and television studios.

The standard floating rack design. Inner shell containing the rack is surrounded in foam to provide shock absorption.

Remove lids and the rack is ready for use.

Rack Options:

  • Casters (wheels): 4" casters mounted on 3/4" painted exterior grade plywood.
  • Rear Mounted Rack Rail: Doubles the rack space of your rack.
  • Custom Depth and Width: Standard depths are 12" and 18", if you need a custom depth or width we can accommodate you.
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custom crate
custom crate
custom crate
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