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Case Anatomy

We offer several different case configurations to handle any item that you have to ship.

Please see the diagrams below to find out which style would work best for you.

Lid hinged on back of case. Case opens simular to a trunk.

Case opens like a book, allowing easy access to both halves of the case.

Similar to the cake carrier style case, the lid lifts completely off case. Recommended for cases that contain heavier items, this allows access to the item from all 4 sides.

Because of the all access layout, this style is often used for cases that contain compartments. The lid will not hinder access to the furthermost compartments.

Lid lifts completely off of the case. This configuration is ideal for heavy or bulky items that can be used while sitting in the case. This layout also aids in removing the item from the case by lessoning the height at which the item needs to be lifted.

Common uses for this design are:
Amps, enclosures and floating racks.

Designed to carry rack-mountable gear. All of are racks are made to fit standard 19" wide rack-mountable components.

For more information please see our Racks section.

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